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Sponsorship Opportunities
The Renegade Miata Club is an incorporated non-profit club of car enthusiasts who gather to participate in one of New England’s best run autocross series and other social events. The autocross series is open to members of the local BMW club, the Mass Miata Club, the North Country Porsche Club, and others as space permits.
Club activities offer a unique opportunity to advertise to a local group that love to drive, maintain and accessorize their sports cars. What we have is a group of enthusiastic people that love to have fun with their cars and have money to spend on their hobby.
If you feel you could benefit from reaching such a group, we hope you will consider becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship for one year is $200. All proceeds go to a well-run, non-profit club, and will be used for club needs such as equipment, events, and awards.
Main Street Automotive, Flatout Motorsports,, Shell V-Power, Mazda, Tire Warehouse, The Wireless Zone and Apex Automotive Engineering are among the current and past sponsors of the Renegade Miata Club.
... And Benefits
A banner (supplied by the sponsor) displayed at and the all autocross events.
Display your banner on our web site with a link to your site.
Literature (supplied by sponsor) made available at the events and sponsors are recognized at drivers’ meetings.
Complimentary  membership and a pass to participate in one of our autocross events ($55 dollar value). Come find out what all the excitement is about. Instructors are provided. -
For more information, please contact Thomas Fedorka at or 781-535-2656. We will be happy to work with you to customize a sponsorship to meet your needs.