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Renegade members, send ideas for what you would like to see in this area or contribute links, tech tips, etc. E-mail them to
What’s the deal with the “Kenny cone?” On the Renegade autocross courses, you’ll find one or more cones emblazoned with the South Park character, Kenny. If you “kill” Kenny by knocking him over, not only will you incur a two second penalty, you’ll also be asked to fork over $3. The money raised by these Kenny cone fees helps the club to replace damaged cones.
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Is this the coolest looking logo of any car club? Click on the T-shirt to purchase Renegade Miata and autocross shirts, caps, mugs, etc. All profits go to support the club.  Click on the T-shirt to go to the Renegade Miata Club store.
Click here to watch a Renegade Miata Autocross Video on You Tube.
Useful Links A useful resource for Miata information and the most active Miata-related forum.
History of the Miata A brief history of the Miata... At least up until 2003.
Credit: Dan Mull 2009
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