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Join the Renegades!
The Renegade Miata Club is now accepting Standard Memberships from all Mazda owners. We also have an Associate Membership program for non-Mazda owners.
Standard Membership is open to all Mazda owners and costs only $25 per year, which covers your entire household. Membership benefits include autocross discounts, the ability to pre-register for autocrosses and attend social events -- as well as the knowledge that you make it possible for this club to exist and continue to provide fun social and competitive events.
Renegade Miata Club also offers Associate Memberships. This program was developed in response to members who have asked about bringing non-Mazda owning friends to events and autocrosses. Under the Associate Membership plan, each Renegade Miata Club member can sponsor up to 2 Associate Members per year. The cost of Associate Membership is $25, and Associates are eligible for all club benefits with the following restriction on autocross pre-registration: Associate members may only pre-register for autocross events within one week of the event and no earlier. Associates must have a current Renegade Miata Club member listed on their membership registration as a sponsor. The sponsor must also sign the registration form.
We continue to offer Standard Membership to our current “grandfathered” non-Miata members from previous years.

Click on the one of the links below to download a membership form.  The mailing address appears on the form.  If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Chris Welbon, Membership Director, at to have a form mailed to you.  Your membership card will not be mailed but will be held for you to pick up at autocross. events.
Download membership form in Word or PDF